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National Diaspora Symposium 2023

“Building Bridges, Closing Gaps”

21st-23rd September 2023

Sungai Way – Subang Methodist Church (SSMC)


National Diaspora Symposium 2023

The call of our Lord Jesus Christ to every follower is peacemaking and reconciliation. Diaspora communities, whether voluntarily or forcibly displaced, have faced rejection, exploitation, and, in some cases, violence. How can we reach them and reconcile them to God and to one another?

This symposium aims to facilitate God’s movement among diaspora communities in Malaysia by encouraging and empowering participants to find solutions to close gaps and build bridges toward fruitful engagement in the local context. We recognized that diversity in every aspect presented by these communities demands a variety of approaches and creative solutions from all parties involved. The highlight of this symposium is the workshop discussions, in which all are welcome to participate.