We aspire to mobilize the national Church to recognize the Kairos time of diaspora mission, to disciple people on the move where many are from hard places, believing that these people have the potential of catalyzing global movements.

We hope to see mission agencies, denominational and independent churches, NGOs, practitioners, academics and researchers UNITE to accelerate the removal of roadblocks that prevent keep diaspora mission from becoming fruitful among the displaced and marginalized communities in Malaysia.



We seek to strategically assist the Body of Christ in equipping and empowering through training, sharing of resources and experiences and finding solutions for challenges together.

We seek to provide consultation / coaching to interested parties (individuals and  churches ) as they navigate the challenges inherent in diaspora mission.  



We desire to bring together networks, people resources, relevant information, training material, mapping statistics to help make informed decisions in catalyzing discipleship movements.

We desire to develop a database of diaspora demographic through practitioners serving the various diaspora people groups and their movements.

We hope to facilitate academic institutions, informed practitioners and others to research fruitful practices in diaspora mission and to integrate new insights with proven missional models.

We seek to distribute our findings through our networks, mission gatherings, website, and the biennial National Diaspora Symposium to help eduacate and empower those engaged in diaspora mission. 



We desire to empower partners to intentionally build sustainable platforms by meeting basic needs through education, healthcare, shelter, social enterprises, foster homes, transit homes and through them to disciple communities so the Gospel is preached holistically. The end goal is community development and transformation that the glory of God may be revealed and glory returns to Him.  

We desire to intentionally, creatively and abundantly sow Gospel seeds. Disciple
individuals and communities with the focus of catalyzing contextualized
indigenous mission movements.  



We are committed to advocate to bring about the desired changes in the mindset of churches of the needs and opportunities of the displaced marginalized diaspora communities.

We hope to be a voice to the voiceless locally and globally through the network of the Body of Christ.